Friday, June 12, 2009

Axe Hair vs Gillette Style

So recently I decided to change my hair look completely, why im not real sure maybe its because i got bored or sick of my old look or I am in dire need of a girl friend so i needed to step my game up (doesnt mean i didnt keep it nice before now, i just kept it cut short and straight) Anyways I bought to new economy hair products Axe Hair Clean cut pomade (6.43 - 8.99) and Gilette Style ($4.35 - 8.27) sculpting paste (both from walmart)

After using both of them throughout the summer, to the clear winner is the Axe product. It gives my hair a much better look and hold then Gillettes. Also you have a lot of choices with Axe Hair products. So take your pick and get lady approved hair (haha)

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